Directed to:

The students of Elizabeth Modeling Talent Studio.



To show the student a general panorama of the world of design, photography and art. These three are what shapes the world of fashion, as a model in the industry one must have knowledge of Photography, Art and Design.


Each course:


Design: The student will learn that design is used in many different ways, it may be used as design for fashion, graphic design and these two together are what create magazines, publicity and photography.  We will learn the different brands of fashion and how these international brands are what dictate what will be in style. We will visit department stores where the student will learn to differentiate the styles that each designer uses in the concept of the brand.


Photography: The student will learn the value of photography, see the different way in which one can express different situations in a way that will represent and the public will be able to interpret in that way.


It will be shown what is needed in a photo session, the model will learn to recognize and create a empathy with the photographer, team, instruments. Also will learn the techniques that are used to achieve a good photo session. The process of edition of photography will also be explained.


Students will become familiar with the work of successful photographers and will analyze famous photographs and magazines. Students will visit photography studios and photography expositions so that the student will have a direct experience.


Arte: A cultured person should always know about art in general and have knowledge about the evolution of different artistic currents throughout the years. En Elizabeth Modeling Talent Studio our students will learn the basic concepts of art and its principle artistic currents, so that in the day of tomorrow when they graduate they will have a general notion of art and they will be able to appreciate it in a better way.

New York being the city with the biggest museums of art, we will have visits to these and the student will create and interaction where they will be able to interpret the acts, referring to what has been learned in class.